‘Continuously innovating:
we can quickly anticipate
on actual market needs’

Twisted threads for innumerable applications

Deltafil supplies an abundance of, mainly twisted, threads for the technical textile industry. This includes client-specific manufactured threads. For example:


Industrial sewing threads, polyester, Rayon, Cotton

  • For closing bags with bulk products in the nutrition, construction and agricultural industries. Amongst others, this includes sugar, rice, onions, powdered milk, potatoes, pet food, cattle food, granulates and powdered construction substances (glue, cement) etc.
  • For linking rugs and other technical cloths (during the production process)
  • For the confection of cloths in the technical textile industry


Industrial threads

  • For the production of all sorts of conveyor belts in the paper and cardboard industries, mining, etc.
  • For the production of filter cloths for wet-filtration and dry-filtration
  • For the production of fire hoses


Yachting rope threads / rope industry

  • Threads for sheets in all possible colours


Special applications

  • Selvedge threads
  • Detection threads (fluorescent) and all other sorts of (tool) threads that serve as aid during production processes